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I believe that the benefits of cycling as part of the transport mix are not being fully realised because of poor public policy.  Not only are there benefits to riders — better health; faster, more convenient transport; lower cost, but there are major benefits to the City that are not being realised — less congested roads and public transport; less air pollution; lower carbon emissions; lower public health costs; quieter, safer roads and a more pleasant public realm. 

The City of Melbourne and the State Government share responsibility for making Melbourne a world-class cycling city.  While the City of Melbourne is heading in the right direction, the State Government is holding things back.  Currently, neither has articulated the vision of Melbourne as a world-class cycling city that we need. 

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How will we know when Melbourne is a world class bicycle city?  The litmus tests:

Q.  Why is Yarra Council doing more for cyclists than Moreland Council?
A.  Because Yarra Council does not have a Labor majority.